Since yesterday this website is hosted on IPFS. I hear you, some of you, what is IPFS?

IPFS powers the Distributed Web”, they say on their website. They also add: “A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to make the web faster, safer, and more open.”

Nice, what does that actually mean? Well, let’s put it in very simple terms, so simple even I can understand them.

The Internet works, mostly, in a centralised way (please notice I spell words the UK way, it’s not a typo). Let’s say you have you own website for which you bought the domain (you’re actually renting it) You created the website, bunch of html and other stuff or you run a backend which serves pages. No matter which, you ask your DNS service provider to have your domain to point to one or many servers (scaling might be for another post).

IPFS is different. Imagine your computer is part of a network, receiving, serving, distributing data as part of a community, of peers. I add the folder containing my static website to the network, some other IPFS nodes like mine start replicating that bunch of files (once pinned). There, my files are really in some kind of “cloud”, made by nodes sharing disk space for a totally decentralised web.

Once the folder containing my website has been added to the IPFS network, it is identified by a hash. The folder CID, which is that hash, will look something like QmTTXzoiPRUUQ4HtcbqwxZxTp9o5ukmgqNJVeiDKjCAUkE (might not be the current hash of the website).

I then kindly ask my DNS provider (in this case the legendary Cloudflare ) to make my domain point to my websites’s IPFS folder (You can check this for details if you care). I use Hugo btw to generate my site. In case you want to automate the update procedure of deploying a new version of the website, like when I post something new, please check ipfs-deploy which will surely make your life easier.

As always, stay safe, take care, enjoy as much as you can.